Saturday, October 31, 2015

Web Browser Linkpost; Mostly Vivaldi and Firefox


Vivaldi updates march on

Still loving Vivaldi and the feature set they are bringing to the table.

Still not a “daily driver” for web browsing but getting closer and closer. I’ve not listed all the snapshot posts but here are some highlights that might be interesting.

Considering the large volume of bookmarks I deal with, the bookmark bug-fix improvements have been very well received in particular; sorting, ordering, editing.

Firefox and Mozilla Developments

Google Chrome/Chromium

Pale Moon Rising

Pale Moon - Release Notes

25.7.3 (2015-10-14)
This is a usability update needed due to the fact that Mozilla has shut down their key exchange (J-PAKE) server along with the old Sync servers. This was unexpected and required us to set up our own key server (testing indicates this works as-expected, but please do report any issues on the forum) - which also required reconfiguration of the browser.
Please note that older versions of the browser will no longer be able to link devices to a sync account using the 12-character code since it requires a Mozilla server no longer present. If you need this functionality, you must update to this version or later.

Edge(ed) Out

Browse on, my friends.

--Claus Valca

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