Friday, August 14, 2015

This week in browser bits: the race to update

In case you didn’t notice this past week or two…

Firefox 38/39 got patched for a file-stealing bug

then Firefox 40 got released soon afters…

then Firefox 40.0.2 got released to fix some issues

Mozilla Malware Protection (enhancement) news…

In my older rant blog-post Firefox Malware Detection Download Monitoring: Thoughts I opined about the benefit but frustration of Mozilla’s safer browsing security features. Control over that feature fine-tuning began with fuller support in Firefox 39.

So with version 40 that support has been enhanced again.

Expanded Malware Protection in Firefox - Mozilla Security Blog

Fortunately, you do have a measure of control to disable (or dial back) this security feature if it blocks some legitimate sites or downloads.

In other (mostly Mozilla) news…

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