Sunday, December 21, 2014

USB Tools and Utilities

It has been a while since I posted a general USB utility round-up: It’s a USB Thing.

So I had seen a new one recently that provides some nice information on USB related system hardware components and it seemed like a good idea to re-mention some similar tools:

Of course, Nir Sofer has some great USB info tools also.

Then there are these:

It has been a while since I was over at Uwe Sieber’s website but he has been hard at work keeping his special USB tools updated.

Microsoft has a tool also for working with USB data:

Windows USBView - sample application in C++ for Visual Studio 2013

Usbview.exe is a Windows GUI application that allows you to browse all USB controllers and connected USB devices on your system. The left pane in the main application window displays a connection-oriented tree view, and the right pane displays the USB data structures pertaining to the selected USB device, such as the Device, Configuration, Interface, and Endpoint Descriptors, as well as the current device configuration.

Important  If you need UsbView as a tool, do not download this sample. Instead get UsbView.exe from the Windows Driver Kit (WDK) in the Windows Kits\<version>\Tools\<arch> folder. If you need to see the source code for UsbView, open the Browse code tab.

And then there is this “anti-usb” tool that removes USB drive history from the registry.

--Claus Valca

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