Friday, October 19, 2012

Pile ‘o Linkage

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Time to unload them…


Adobe Reader XI (11)

Network Bits

For the SysAdmins


  • Updates: Autoruns v11.34, ProcDump v5.0, Sigcheck v1.8, VMMap v3.11 - Sysinternals Site blog
  • Process Explorer v15.23 - Sysinternals
  • PsPing - Sysinternals new CLI tool to measure network performance including bandwidth available between systems. Also can generate histograms of results.
  • Rapid Environment Editor - Most folks won’t have any need to ever edit their Windows environment variables. But if you are a tweaker or geek or sysadmin, you might need to. This looks to be the tool for you! in addition it provides Error checking to highlight any problems with the entries. I had two “abandoned” items in my system I cleaned up with it. Really a nice portable tool to keep handy.
  • MetroTextual 1.1 - SingularLabs - Minor update to a Win8’ish style notepad tool. I posted quite a bit about it earlier MetroTextual - Spirit of the notepad known as Bend...  This new version has some fixes and feature enhancements. However I noticed on my Win7 x64 system that while v1.0 seemed OK, version 1.1 garbles selected text. I like the newest feature adds but it remains a work in progress…which raises the same question Scott Hanselman of ComputerZen pondered: A Bug Report is a Gift.  What is the best way to report it to the developers…from within the app?

    before text selection…

    after text selection…
  • HexDive 0.5 – Adding a bit of a context… & HexDive 0.6 – new strings and more -Context… - Hexacorn continues to make great leaps of improvement in the free and super-useful HexDive tool to look for interesting string patterns in files. Check it out!
  • PeStudio 4.10 - Winitor - Speaking of binary analysis, PeStudio is a new-to-me tool to aid in application binary analysis. Cool!

New “Defrag” Tools Videos (and others also)

Microsoft/Sysinternals and their Channel9 team have really scored a home-run with their “Defrag Tools” video series. Each week (or sooner) a new quality video comes out..with clear file download links/formats…that reviews or expands an in-depth review of Sysinternals tools and usage.  I’ve already posted links for Episodes 1-6 and now we have 7-12 out.  I download these at home and tuck them away for replay on rainy days or presidential debates. Even when I consider myself very comfortable using a particular Sysinternals utility, walkthroughs such as these always leave me with a new tip/trick/configuration tweak that I didn’t have before.

A great supplemental Channel 9 is The Defrag Show

See also this WEBCAST: Maximizing Windows 7 Performance: Troubleshooting Tips (1hr 1min) as found by Kurt Shintaku and add it to your video bag as well.

Google Fonts

Font geek? Me too!

I frequently hit the following sites looking for new and impactful free-use fonts for maximum impact on presentations and documents where having just the right font can add a punch of enhancement.

So I got really excited when I found that Google has a web font collection (500+) under the Open Font License.

Now this is really cool!.


--Claus V.

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