Monday, January 16, 2012

File and Folder Linkfest

As we continue the dig-out over here at the Valca link farm we now must turn attention to file and folder management tools.

Track Folder Changes - CodePlex project page - really clever tool still in development that shows (real-time) as files/folders are being changes for a specific folder/directory to be monitored. Nice GUI. More information at Track Folder Changes in Real Time Windows7hacker post and Track changes to folders with Track Folder Changes post at freewaregenius.

SearchMyFiles - NirSoft - Soo love this tool! It’s one of my must-haves for file-finding.

Everything Search Engine - Love this one too. Wicked fast but does it by building its own index database. Doesn’t search within files; just file/folder names.

UltraSearch - Freeware for Ultra-Fast File Search - JamSoftware - A bit like Everything but doesn’t build an index database rather relies on the MFT. Comes with a portable version.

Locate32 Web Site - Another nice free Windows file indexing application.

eXpress FreshFiles Finder - Super-great tool to quickly find the “freshest” files on a system.

FileProcessor - really powerful tool to find files as well as perform a number of actions on those found files. More info via AddictiveTips: FileProcessor: Set Filters, Search & Perform Batch Actions On Files

SpaceSniffer - Love it to visualize space usage on drives.

GetFolderSize - Interesting tool for scanning file/folder size usage on drives. Different GUI but pretty cool! Spotted via GetFoldersize to Determine the Size of Folders on Your Hard Drive - Windows7hacker.

FolderSize - Jan Horns tiny but quick app for folder size reporting.

NoVirusThanks Freeware tools - interesting tools (free and commercial) for Windows system monitoring. Good overview on them here: NoVirusThanks releases four handy system monitoring tools as freeware -Softwarecrew.

TestDisk - CGSecurity - Now at Version 6.13 for file/disk recovery.

ODIN - Open Disk Imager for Windows - interesting GUI/CLI based tool for drive backup and imaging. More info via AddictiveTips: Backup, Restore And Verify Disk Images With ODIN.

Hardwipe | File & Drive Wiper - GSD has had a number of posts already regarding file/drive wiping but this new-to-me tool is worth mentioning here. More info via AddictiveiIps: Easily Wipe & Clean Files, Folders And Hard Drives With Hardwipe.

Forensic Riddle #5 – Answer - Hexacorn Blog has been posting a series of great puzzlers this one leads us to this clever Microsoft resource: Naming Files, Paths, and Namespaces.

TakeOwnershipEx - WinAero - GUI tool that allows you to get full access to files and folders. More info via AddictiveTips: Take Ownership Of Files And Folders In Windows 8.

NTFS Permissions Tools 最新进展 (ver RC1 (2011-06-14)) - Site is Chinese but AddictiveTips has the lowdown on usage here: Allocate NTFS Permissions Easily With NTFS Permissions Tool.

Kickass Undelete - Browse /Kickass Undelete 1.2 beta - - I really like this tool for file recovery. It’s not a all-in-one recovery tool, but is another great utility to keep on your response toolbelt.

WinAero: Librarian - powerful libraries manager for Windows 7. Slick interface and easy tool to use.

BExplorer (Better Explorer) - CodePlex - I want to like this project very much. I’m not feeling the love of the existing Windows 7 explorer menu-bar and this would go a long way to making it more powerful to use. However I’ve also had stability/installation issues on both Win7 x32/x64 systems so while it is on my “watch-list” it isn’t yet installed on my system.

FreeCommander - This alternative dual-pane Windows file manager remains top-of-the-heap on my systems. It is required usage here at GSD. I’ve still not found a better alternative though many come close. The developer is hard at work on a new version and the betas look very slick and powerful. Whenever the final public release of that one comes out.

My Commander - The interface on this one looks remarkably similar to FreeCommander. It comes in both 32bit and 64 bit flavors. It is quite nice and would probably be a close runner-up.

NexusFile: File Manager for Windows - This is one with GUI attitude. Want a nice “dark” look? This is it.

Explorer++ - I like this one as a USB stick alternative. Constantly updated and in both x32/x64 flavors it is a single EXE file which makes it nicely portable.

A43 - this was my original love in alternative WIndows file managers. It remains alive in development and has a lot of handy plugins in a format that others don’t seem to offer. Check it out.


--Claus V.

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