Monday, January 16, 2012

Active Directory Linkfest

I’m working hard at getting up to speed on the whole Microsoft Active Directory thing.

Until lately, I’ve not had either the need nor the opportunity to get heavily involved in supporting customers in a full-blow AD environment. Sure, there are some basic “foundational" things I’ve been able to pick up and use, but now we are moving forward into a brave new world and I gotta kick up my expertise a bit. I’ve already purchased and am working through this excellent Active Directory: Designing, Deploying, and Running Active Directory, Fourth Edition ( link) book to get the ball rolling.

So expect a few more AD-related posts around here…at least on the front end they will be more resource linking related as I fill out my virtual bookshelf.

The 4sysops - For Windows Administrators website hosted by Michael Pietroforte is my go-to source for the best of tools and tips related to Windows system administration. It is full of great information and resources related to Active Directory items!

Expect more AD-related resource posts moving forward.

If you have any great and free AD-related tools, tips and resources please share in the comments!


--Claus V.

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