Saturday, July 24, 2010

Super-Fast Linkfest Throw-down: Pt I

07/31/10: More updates posted at the bottom of this page regarding the .LNK vulnerability.

I had planned for a sleepy weekend.  You know, the kind to recharge your batteries after a crazy-insane work-week?

Yeah right.  Like that would come to pass….work responses required weekend dedication.  Bummer

So I offer only several rapid-fire posts to get the linkage unblocked.

Part I here continues with additional information I’ve saved on the Windows LNK exploit; building upon the my previous post: Windows zero-day exploit?: USB storage + .lnk file...

Unless something radical drops, this will probably be the last on this theme.  I’ve found it an interesting look into incident response, knowledge-sharing/growth, and a few more cool tools.

07/31/10: More updates

Out of band Microsoft update to fix the .LNK vulnerability exploit coming August 2, 2010.  Just be aware, no soup for XP-SP2 and W2K systems!

Saddle up!

--Claus V.

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