Saturday, July 24, 2010

Fun Tiny Find: Mouse Jiggler

I’ve been doing some video conversions and noticed that when my screen-saver kicks on, it sometimes impacts the recoding process.

I guess I could have turned off the screen saver, but that is such a hassle.

I could have purchased the WiebeTech - Mouse Jiggler™ product, but that seems a waste of cash.

I could have rigged up a Poor Man’s Mouse Jiggler (video) but couldn’t figure out how to strap the mouse to my wrist over my watch.

Then I found the freeware Mouse Jiggler utility.

No installation required. Windows compatible (does need .NET 2.0 or higher).

Just 49 KB in size

Did the trick perfectly.

Jiggle away!

--Claus V

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