Saturday, March 20, 2010

Not there yet, but if I click my heels together three times…..

Spotted this the other day and it gave me hope, even if I’m not there yet on the salary data presented:


..caught via The Best Jobs in America – Sociological Images Blog –

Super-big graphic and expanded list of fields at Best_Jobs_in_America

For the full list of jobs, including details on us poor Information Technology Project Manager folks see the

What they do: Keep big tech projects like software upgrades running on time--and on budget. "We bring order to chaos," says April Ellison, an IT project manager in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Drawbacks: Hours (and hours and hours) of meetings. Aggressive project timelines. Staff jobs can be outsourced to consultants.

Fun and challenging but yes, long hours and bad-crazy timelines on projects seem to be my norm of late.

I really like what I do most days; a mix of SME work, incident response, advanced desktop troubleshooting, IT project management, and policy development. 

The trick is applying all the tricks such as those at Zen Habits, zen family habits, and the very tiny but digestibly filling :mnmlist blog to keep things in personal balance and harmony so I stay sane in the process.

It definitely is a work in progress.

Speaking of clicking of heels together, Dr. Isis has some crazy reds highlighted on her most recent Dr. Isis's Shoe of the Week.

Wouldn’t look good on my tootsies but Lavie likes.  Maybe she can get us both there if we hold hands while she clicks them for us…

Claus V.

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