Saturday, March 13, 2010

GSD Redesign (again)

Probably not the best time to do something like this.  Been out in the back yard for most of the day hand-pulling the thick blanket of weeds from the yard.

My fingers are numb.  My sittin’ bucket is busted. My arms and legs still itch even after a long shower scrub-down.

The smell of wild green onions lingers in my nose.

I’ve got a 50-pound of weed bio-mass pilled in a back corner.

And then I take a moment to rest and find this stupid link:

Official Google Blog: Express yourself with the Blogger Template Designer

Well yeah. Of course I have to go muck around with it.

I’ve generally liked the lightly dark format of some sites/blogs but have never been brave enough to try it on for size.

I have also strongly resisted the image-background/floating layout style as well.

However, the new Blogger Template designs are quite well balanced and I’ve always been a sucker for earthy warm-tone color schemes.

I’m liking this one for now but I expect more tweaks will come down the line.

This is probably one of the largest in-house updates Blogger has released in quite some time.

Rendering so far in Firefox 3.6, Opera 10.5, IE 8, Chrome, and Safari all seem very spot-on.

Sidebar items will require some custom adjustments but I think overall it has translated pretty well.

Stay tuned.

--Claus V.

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notwen said...

Change is always viewed with either distrust or enthusiasm. Read "Who moved the cheese". I like it, but I am just getting nerve up to blog. I would like to ask if I can link or otherwise reference your blog in mine. I have learned much from your postings and links. If fact I will be using posterous for my blog.