Sunday, November 08, 2009

Windows 7 Resources – Hot off the DVD Presses!

Geeklet and I were out running errands Saturday and I decided to see if I could snag a copy of Windows 7 Family pack (W7-FP).

We are running W7 Ultimate (RC) versions of 32/64 bit loads on all our laptops.  It is rock-solid and approved by both the ladies over Vista.  While there is no hurry to repave to the RTM version, I figure I would do well to get the final disk set in my hands so I could re-deploy as time allowed.

Alvis even sounded enthusiastic when I suggested letting her do her own system install this time.

Alas, the first location we tried had quite a few “shell” display boxes of W7-FP but a search through the inventory found the actual product was out of stock.

Later Lavie and I went out on a second mission together and I dropped in at the local big-box electronics store. Also holding many W7-FP display boxes on the shelf, but again I was told there were none in stock….this time with a cheerful “we are out of them across the district area” to boot.  No, thank you, I didn’t want any of the widely in-stock W7 Professional or Ultimate single-license upgrade DVDs.

So the search continues.  Either it really was a limited-time release (if so Epic Fail, MS!) or hopefully more are in the pipes. 

I’m going to widen my search this week with some more locations in Houston proper.  I might be able to find an on-line download/purchase but after the fits some EDU student license users reported having, I’m a bit hesitant to go that route for now.

That said, with a soured economy, and the bargain price of 3 CALs (actually one to cover three systems) for about $150, I’m not surprised this is a hard item to find.

Here are a lot of Windows 7 related links in the meantime to wet your appetite.


--Claus V.

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