Saturday, November 28, 2009

Diminished Linkfest

imageHere are a collection of links that probably deserve a lot more attention than I am giving them at the moment.

I’ve got a date at a Chinese buffet waiting for the annual “my-side'-of-the-family” post-thanksgiving meal. And UH plays Rice at 7PM for the Bayou Bucket game.

So be it:

  • Delete TCP-IP printer port - – despite my skill in adding/removing printer devices from Windows, I was always plagued at work with the number of network printers I have to add/delete from my system as I travel between office sites.  I would delete the IP printer, but it would still should up as a “ghost” in my printer port list.  Finally got large enough to force me to figure out how to remove the.  Who knew I had to click on the whitespace to get the option to deal with the printer port items?   “Go under control panel to "Printers", right click in the middle of the white space on the right side of the window and choose "Server Properties".  Go to the "Ports" tab, select the port you want to delete, and choose "Delete port".” - johlos

  • Create universal flash boot disk with fbinst. – BootLand Forums.  New tool to help with making flash devices bootable.  My method of bootsect and diskpart has worked great but this might be an option on certain types of other storage devices.

  • VMLite XP Mode – free – neat application alternative to replicate Windows Virtual PC XP-Mode for systems that cannot support it (due to Windows 7 OS level).  I haven’t tried it yet but it looks promising.  Spotted over at Even More Linky Goodness... by Harlan Carvey.

  • Haiku Project | Home of the Haiku Operating System – cute retro BeOS style Linux build (correction caught by TinyApps: “Haiku has been coded from the ground up as a BeOS clone, and does not contain
    any Linux code:”)  My Linux LiveCD work pretty much centers around forensic LiveCD builds now, but I still love seeing these projects.  Related: Using build images with Virtual PC | Haiku Project.

Windows x64 Driver Signing Links

Back when I was trying to get the ImDisk Virtual Disk Driver (now updated to version 1.1.5 on 11.23.09) up and working on my Windows 7 x64 bit system, I ran into one of the headaches of x64 bit life.  Drivers need to be signed to install/load/work.  You can work around this several ways but often it involves either turning off UAC mode and/or dropping the system into “test” mode.

It can be a headache.

Here are related links I collected while getting ImDisk to work on my system (despite the wonderful help in the link); it still is a bit cranky.


--Claus V.

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