Sunday, August 23, 2009

Utility & Miscellany

Too many chores this weekend.

Spend last week out of town in a technical conference.

Had a raging bout of the highly contagious and discomforting "Caribou Cold” while there and am still suffering the tail ends of it.

Spent yesterday on my home “workbench” swapping out my system onto a new hard (larger/faster) laptop hard-drive which involved over 14 hours of work (mostly due to having to decrypt the whole-disk encryption prior to imaging it and porting it onto the new drive.

Had hoped to post much more this weekend but was not to be the case.

So here you go, semi-naked linkage.



“…ptfinder versions for Windows Server 2008 SP1, 2003 SP2 and Windows 7 beta are developed by me, and can be downloaded here.

The details of the technique can be found here.

Semi-Stealth Windows Live Updates

I’ve been waiting for some time for an update to Windows Live Writer, my blogging platform software. After the information below came out that a new version was available (14.0.8089.726 (previous build was 14.0.8064.206)).  I quickly launched my WLW and used the update tool to get the update. Curiously it said I was still using the latest update.  I manually updated it (successfully) to the higher version noted but still have been unable to find a change-log detailing just what got improved/fixed/updated.

And fresh off my Video-Editing Resource Roundup post going over various builds and different downloads to get Windows Movie Maker installed on your XP/Vista/W7 system now there is this:

VHD booting and Virtual PC Stuff

Windows Technical Bits ‘n Pieces

Summer’s over.  Alvis heads back to school tomorrow morning.


--Claus V.

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