Monday, August 10, 2009

Blog reboot – version 4.0


I have to say, while I liked the v 3.0 design overall, I just wasn’t feeling the lovin’ when it came down to the way the posts were separated.

It was difficult to tell where one began and the other ended.  And colors/fonts were still a bit off.

And I hadn’t really thought through the impact of the floating main content body for wide-screen monitor users.

So I eventually found  the Concept Nova template over at BTemplates.  I liked the overall feel.

The template code was a lot easier to tweak as well for my design.

So here it is…seems to render properly in Mozilla, Chrome and IE (though the lower-case “grand stream dreams” in the grey bar is clipped in IE).  Still need to check how it looks in Safari and Opera but I expect that will be well.

update: Opera also renders it fine although in Safari for Windows, if the text zoom is set at “normal” then the top-most heading punches a line gap between the images. Setting the text zoom for the page down one notch resolves the issue but it a bit harder to read. All else seems fine.

Hope everyone is pleased.

I still need to download and “self-host” the image files that make up the template elements just in case they get nuked or changed (doubtful but it could happen).

Feedback is welcome.

--Claus V.

1 comment:

opit said...

Colors/Fonts were off. Huh. As I copy and paste into Blogger I nearly go nuts trying to play with text size, etc. as what I see in Compose bears little relation to what 'comes down the chute'.
Nice blog. Stuff I really need to look into, too.