Monday, December 01, 2008

Pushing through the wall

<deleted> long, rambling, ranting, possibly whiny post about boot disks, av false-positives, too few posts lately, too many valuable links worth sharing, something unkind about RGP contact lenses, and not enough time.

<insert> short honest post advising followers that Claus is here, very tired, having ate too much food, engaged in not nearly enough counter-balancing physical exercise, watched way too many college football games of importance, traveled to too many relatives’ homes on opposites sides of the fair state of Texas—by car, and despite all attempts to the contrary, avoided logging on to any family computer for three days out of a four-day holiday weekend.

I know. Remarkable.

Good news?

My new tailored-fit dress shirts still fit pretty darn well and that this weekend marks the traditional Valca girls’ efforts to trim the tree and home in all-things Christmas.

That means that while I will have to take some time extracting all the boxes from our storage closet, I am allowed in good will to retreat from household activities and keep my distance.

More posts for you!

It’s too early to tell what they may hold, but expect a few jam-packed linkfests, research on an av program’s particular false-positive, and (hopefully) I can begin to bring some closure (and neat lessons learned) to my VistaPE/WinPE 2.0 disk building journey to Hades and back.


--Claus V.

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