Friday, September 12, 2008

Firefox Linkfest

Here are some interesting posts regarding Firefox I’ve collected this week.

Geolocation support added to Firefox 3.1 - Mozilla Links.  New API code in Firefox nightly releases will allow interface with GPS code and websites that can access that geolocation data.  Clever idea but certainly could raise some privacy concerns if not handled properly.

Mozilla Developer News » Blog Archive » Firefox 3.1 Alpha 2 now available for download – More Alpha goodness for you brave souls.

First look: Firefox 3.1 alpha 2 officially released – Ars Technica review takes you through the paces and newest features.

Firefox 3.1 Alpha 2 reviewed - Mozilla Links.  This review points our some more of the technical elements with multi-media handling.

HP to launch virtual Firefox - Mozilla Links.  Curious little post that indicates HP will offer a specialized build of Firefox to help with web-security

Why Mozilla is committed to Gecko as WebKit popularity grows: Page 1 – Ars Technica post explains that even though Chrome/Chromium is growing in popularity, at least for a moment, the Gecko rendering engine at the heart of Mozilla is still beating strongly.  Does provide an interesting look deeper inside some of the history and decisions made during the Gecko adoption process and why Mozilla thinks it is still the way to go.

Beta Beat: Firefox 3.1 to Add Private Browsing Mode (Lifehacker) and Private mode back in Firefox 3.1 plans (Mozilla Links) and ‘Private Mode’ Coming To Fx 3.1 (Firefox Extension Guru’s Blog) all provide details about the inevitable addition of Porn-Mode private web-surfing features to these next-generation browser versions.  Not yet seen in the “nightly” Firefox builds, indications are that it will soon be spotted.

AnyColor :: Firefox Add-ons – Just found this partial-themer add-on for Firefox.  You have to register to get it downloaded from the “experimental” sandbox but it was working fine on my Firefox 3.1 nightly builds.  I like it as you can “lightly” change the menu-bars, dialog boxes, and other elements of the browser, but not necessarily with a “radical” theme replacement.  I find myself switching between the dark-theme and one of the lighter-ones depending on which page or time-of-day it is.  Overall it is a very simple to use add-on that provides on-the-fly coloring changes to the basic browser elements.  Not quite as holistic a change as an outright theme replacement or even Personas for Firefox.

Looks like an exciting week for Firefox with great things to look forward to!

Although I have been enjoying and playing with Google Chrome (and even more with Chromium), and it will likely take a place among the multiple alternative browsers that I use, Firefox remains at the forefront…for good reason.


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