Saturday, January 05, 2008

Weird Firefox Thing

I guess my Firefox 2.0 profile was a bit corrupted.

I had noticed that the "Search This Blog" API on my sidebar had not been loading for about a week.

It would just bring up a little "...Loading" dialog but never resolve.

Today I tested it in Internet Explorer, Opera, and Minefield, and it worked fine.


So I launched up some various Firefox 2.0 "portable" builds and it worked fine in them as well.


So I started troubleshooting by disabling the likely offending parties, NoScript, FireBug, AdBlock, etc. and restarting.  None of that made any difference.

So then I disabled ALL my extensions and restarted.

The Google "Search This Blog" function still wasn't working.


I restarted a few more times and it popped to life!  Temporarily. Then it stopped working again.

So I backed up my profile, uninstalled Firefox and installed it fresh.

Still not working.

So at this point only thing I could consider was that something was definitely scrambled in my profile.

So I deleted my profile folder's contents and copied into it an almost exact duplicate I had built from another "portable" 2.0 build.

Launched Firefox 2.0 again and now it is working again.


I did have to go back and do a few manual reinstallations for some extensions that didn't quite survive (functionally) the brute-force copy of one profile folder into another, but overall it did work and most all of my settings and preferences were preserved.




Anonymous said...

Weird...have you considered Firefox 2.0 is jealous because you've been playing with Firefox 3.0? Weird....


Anonymous said...

There was even one more stranger thing (and I probably should have added this in to the post but didn't.

The very first thing I did was (in Firefox 2.0) to go to "Tool" then "Error Console".

The Error Console is a oft-unused and unknown tool to identify and troubleshoot errors in the chrome and web-pages.

I would clear it out, then relaunch Firefox and reload my blog-page where Google Search was misbehaving.

Every time I would get a big red "Widget Engine Not Defined" Error that pointed to code on the blog template.

When I checked in the other versions of Firefox I was testing (2.0 standalones and 3.0 nightly) it wouldn't appear. And since I could get the searchbar to work in other browsers without error, I didn't think it was a coding problem suddenly appearing on my template from out of the blue.

Since I have rebuilt my Firefox 2.0 profile all is well again and that widget engine error has gone away.

So it clearly was an issue with something in the profile, but what I still don't know.

I really took the brief amount of time to make that post just in case anyone has a similar issue and runs a Google search on Firefox and Google "Search This Blog" Loading being stuck.