Sunday, January 13, 2008

Daughter, Dad, and Daily Chores

We are not really a pro-NFL household.

However, for some reason Alvis has now decided she is a die-hard Dallas fan.  So we made plans last weekend to spend Sunday camped out together, dad and daughter, in front of the widescreen TV and watch the playoff game together.  Unfortunately, we both had long lists of chores to complete first.

Dad had to cover the laundry, scrub-down all the bathrooms, vacuum the floors, clean the kitchen, and haul out the trash.

Alvis had to do her homework, do the first-pass cleaning of her bathroom, and get her room organized.

Once done with that, we ran out to the pharmacy together to restock some bathroom items and grab some of Lavie's prescriptions.  Oh yes, Alvis had to pick out a hair-coloring kit.  It's a normal thing for us to be found considering which of several shades of hair-color we should go with.  Alvis thinks her natural hair color is a bit uneven, so Lavie has cleared Alvis to periodically have it colored.

Since we were getting close to the kickoff time, Alvis suggested we make a bunch of finger-snack plates for the game/dinner.

So we swung by the grocery store and picked up some summer sausages, various cheeses, fancy crackers, a few bags of chips, and hot-fries.  We grabbed some root-beer cans.  For some reason, Alvis was in the mood for pistachios as well.  When we got home, I wrapped up some loose ends on laundry swaps (washer to drier).

Then dad colored Alvis's hair.

That is something else.  Alvis's hair extends way past her shoulder-blades, so there is just enough hair-color mix to get it, but barely.  The hardest part coloring long hair is that it tends to get matted so I have to carefully use a wide-toothed comb to keep it neat and even.  I think this is the third time we've done the coloring so I'm getting much better managing it.

Thirty minutes later we had the color rinsed out, conditioned and Alvis was delighted with the results of the new color choice.  She thinks it matches that of her cousin's.  It's a rich brown-blonde color and looks very becoming on her.

We got the food put out and the buffet started right as the game began.

So far the Dallas game has been pretty good.  (Alvis's actual interest it it appears to be about a 7 on a 1-10 scale.)  But we are having fun.  Lavie just shakes her head when she comes in to check on us.

When the game is over, I've promised Lavie I'll color her hair next.  She already has the box out on the counter.

Maybe I'm in the wrong business....

A husband and father's day is never done.

Now if I can talk them into folding and putting up the laundry...what are the odds?



Anonymous said...

it was a very fun weekend!
i love u daddy

<3 alvis

Anonymous said...

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