Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Year-End Firefox Add-Ons List

Well, we are almost at the end of the year.

Which Firefox Add-on extensions have survived on my systems?

Here's the list

Enabled Extensions: (39)

Adblock - Adblock is a content filtering plug-in for the Mozilla and Firebird browsers.
Advanced Dork:  - Gives quick access to Google's Advanced Operators from the context menu.
CacheViewer - This extension is GUI Front-end of "about:cache".
ChromaTabs - Tints browser tabs with color specific to website loaded.
Clear Cache Button - Clears Firefox browser cache with single button click.
CoLT - Makes it easy to copy a hyperlink's associated text and URL at the same time.
Copy Plain Text - Copies text without formatting. Use from the Edit or context menus.
Download Statusbar - Keep track of ongoing and completed downloads in a hide-away status bar.
DownloadHelper - Save videos from sites to your hard disk.
Dr.Web anti-virus link checker - Scan for malicious programs any web link before it is opened.
Enhanced History Manager- Provided additional history sorting and management features.
Fasterfox- Performance and network tweaks for Firefox.
Favicon Picker 2 - This extension adds a UI for replacing bookmark icons.
Firebug - Edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page.
Firekeeper - Firekeeper is an Intrusion Detection and Prevention System for Firefox.
FoxClocks - Display world times in your status bar.
Full Map - See more of the actual map on Google Maps. Rotate through 3 modes.
Fullerscreen - See more of the actual map on Google Maps. Rotate through 3 modes.
gTranslate - Translate text in a webpage by right-clicking over it. Uses Google translation services.
Linky - Open or download links, image links and web addresses found in the page text.
ListZilla - Open or download links, image links and web addresses found in the page text.
Make Link - Adds a context menu item to copy links to the clipboard in HTML or simple text formats.
MeasureIt - Draw a ruler across any webpage to check the page elements in pixels.
Move Media Player - Media player plug needed to view streaming tv shows by the big-three.
NewsFox - RSS feed reader extension for Mozilla Firefox.
Nightly Tester Tools - Adds a few extras useful to those that regularly test Mozilla's nightly builds.
NoScript - Provides protection by allowing JavaScript and Java execution only for trusted domains.
Personas for Firefox - Mozilla labs project developing on-the-fly theming for Firefox
Remove It Permanently - Point and click removal of web-page elements.
Resizeable Form Fields - Resize text field boxes you find too small on web-pages.
Restart Firefox - Adds a "restart" button to the toolbar to restart Firefox.
Save Image in Folder - Save images into different folders via right-click context menu.
SearchLoad Options - Adds a menu for tweaking the search bar's default behavior.
Secure Login - Uses the built-in password manager, but deactivates the pre-filling of login forms.
Smart Link - Adds open in new tab / window options to right click menu for plain url texts.
TargetAlert - Provides visual cues for the destinations of hyperlinks.
translator - Translate web page into nearly any language - multiple translation service support.
Uppity - Hop Up the URL structure of a page via the address bar to quickly navigate a website.
Viamatic foXpose - View all your tabs inside a single browser window.

I have a couple of extensions that duplicate behavior, but I just can't decide which I like better, so I have left them both on for a while longer.


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DMcCunney said...

Nice list, and I've used some of them as well. Back in the Firefox 1.X days, I had an "everything including the kitchen sink" profile that loaded 115 extensions. FF took 45 seconds to load and initialize. That was mostly to see if I could. My production profile had about 40.

I've been trying to cut down, and these days I run about 14. I'm also using FF3 RC1, so part of that is simply what will work under FF3.

Must haves here include All-In-One-Sidebar, Cutemenus, Firebug, GMail Notifier, Greasemonley, Image Zoom, MR Tech Toolkit, NoScript, Sage-Too, and Tab Mix Plus.

How about an updated list? Any changes since you posted this one?