Thursday, August 30, 2007

Coming Soon: New Windows Live Writer release?

I love Microsoft's Windows Live Writer.

It has become my Blogger blogging platform of choice, and I had gone through quite a few to reach this point.

It isn't perfect yet, but granted, still is in beta.

So when I was trolling my RSS feeds today, I came across a little tidbit that suggests a new release version is coming soon:

It linked to this more detailed post that points out some changes are coming to Windows Live Writer (for developers at least).  No release date was specified (drat!).

Specifically, this next version will be moving the installation location of Windows Live Writer from <program files>\Windows Live Writer\ to <program files>\Windows Live\Writer\

Look carefully and you will see they are now creating a "Windows Live" program folder and I suppose the different Windows Live programs will then be installed in sub-folders under that one.

They are also changing some registry key paths for the program as well.

If you do use some of the WLW plug-ins, the post reports that they should continue to work in this next release version if registered properly in the old locations.  However ongoing future versions may not I expect the WLW plugin writers will be busy after this next release updating their plugins for the newer locations.

I'll be watching the Tubes carefully for this one!

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