Saturday, August 04, 2007

Back Home...

CC photo credit "Inside the Rotunda" by usutexan on flickr

Been in Austin, Texas for a week on business.

Technology related stuff. My head is spinning.

I have accumulated a large number of links...I hope to sort them out and make some posts tomorrow for everyone.

Even though I wasn't a "presenter," we ended up using my laptop for many of the LCD-projection video work.

The biggest hit was when everyone kept seeing something popping up at the top of my screen and wanted to know what it was.

It was my RocketDock application. Who knew it would be such a hit?

The drive out 290 and back from Houston to Austin was very nice. My kind of roads. Long and wide with good surfacing and just enough turns and bends to keep your interest up.

Austin traffic is pretty heavy on the main freeways...there was a rollover on I-35 right outside my hotel one morning. The side-streets are in good shape and laid out quite handily. Luckily I was able to keep on the feeders and side-streets quite nicely and stay off all the main lanes.

When I hit Houston traffic on the way back in Friday I felt momentarily overwhelmed after a week of Austin neighborhood I dropped in my U2 "Vertigo" CD and cranked it up. That seemed to sharpen my attention considerably. The Edge's riffs and Bono's wails got my adrenalin up a bit and about two-tracks into it, I was slicing and dicing the lanes with the best of them (in a "Drive Friendly" manner, of course!).

Here is another interesting post regarding Houston driving from the equally interestingly titled site Drive Friendly - What A Great Slogan

It sure is nice to be home. Too much "eat'n out" food. I need to get into the kitchen and do some "home cooking" for my girls.

This morning Alvis and I went to Target and picked out some new skillets, a cutting board, washcloths, etc. I think I had a "nesting" attack after being gone for that long.

More posts coming soon!


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