Sunday, July 22, 2007

What perfect timing....

So we are in the process of reading the final adventure of Harry Potter and friends.

We managed to keep very closely to the schedule. At this point we are about one-half way through.

Although we have been hit by several stunners...the pace is great and we are really enjoying the story so far.

So why is it almost 1:30 am and I am still up?

Don't blame it on Harry!

Friday my primary desktop system's hard drive began locking up again. Hard.


Seems that it must have been hit with a confundus charm.

I'd already performed an error check and repair...which seemed to work for a while.

Then it balked so I ran SeaTools and fixed some bad sectors that had cropped up.

Finally came the format and XP system reinstall.

So this time I had reached the point of action: hard-drive replacement.

I'll spare the details for now...but by the third or fourth approach to prepping the drive and doing a data-clone from the (still running..thank goodness..but now no longer trusted) original drive to the new one I finally got the data cloned and got the system up and running again the way I wanted.

All during break-times from reading Harry Potter.


I only have (long-term) room in my Shuttle mini-system for a single hard drive, so now my old 120 GB drive is packed away until I decide to wipe it or sledge it.

My new drive is a 500 GB one. Wowzers! Each of my new partitions (4) is just under the size of my entire previous disk.

I'm having a hard time accepting that I have that much space on this system now.

I keep opening up "My Computer" or Sequoia View and just stare at all that space...finding it hard to believe it's all really there.

Now back to bed to recharge before we hit the second half of Deathly Hallows.


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FF Extension Guru said...

Sounds like me when I added then 120 and 160 GB HD's to my system which only had a 30 GB to begin with. Of course the 120 GB one is being used by Ubuntu. I really should try to partition it so I can get some of that unused space back (is that safe to do with Ubuntu already installed?)