Saturday, January 06, 2007

Keeping up with Technology Security

To secure ourselves against defeat lies in our
own hands, but the opportunity of defeating the enemy
is provided by the enemy himself.
Security against defeat implies defensive tactics;
ability to defeat the enemy means taking the offensive.
--From Sun Tzu on the Art of War
One of the challenges I face on a daily basis is trying to stay current on all the latest information technology security issues.

There is a never-ending barrage of virus, malware, and phishing attacks confronting users and their systems. Add to that, a need to understand current software vulnerabilities and how to patch them (if available).

Finally, an effective security-minded system administrator will want to keep abreast of current and future industry trends, analyzing them to determine if they can enhance present safeguards and if any best-practices can be identified for future improvements.

Whew! All in a day's work.

To that end, I run RSS feeds and do weekly checks of the following security websites and blogs. There is quite a bit of overlap, but hopefully by casting a wide net and sorting efficiently...the good-guys can stay a few steps ahead of the bad-guys.

I've tried to divide them up into some categories for ease of review and provide a brief note on why I find the site useful.

Early-Warning Radar

Study and Review

PC and Network/Internet Security

Security Forums


News and Trends

Take your picks, choose your intel, and gear up!


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Jim said...

Add the ACM Risks Digest to your list. It is not focused solely on security, but does frequently include many security-related items; it frequently highlights insecure practices or those that offer only a false sense of security.