Sunday, January 07, 2007

Interesting Blogger Atom feed issue...

So I just completed a marathon session of updating all my posts with labels.

I kinda think I have too many labels, but I will work on paring them down and aggregating them later.

It is kinda interesting to see where my posting focuses lay.

Anyway...when I completed my mission (working downward from most-recent to earliest) I updated my RSS feed reader and discovered that it was displaying my first 25 posts ever.


Dumping my browser history and cache didn't help. Toggling my feed setting from long to short to long didn't change the display listing order.

Well, it seems that by updating the post label, that moves the post up to the top of your site's Atom feed list.

So I am going to try to "update" my most recent 25 posts from oldest to latest to see if that puts the RSS feeds back in a logical historical posting order.

--Update: That did the trick!

Will the Wonders and Miracles (TM) of the New Blogger ever cease?



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