Sunday, May 28, 2006

When a Blogger Drops Out

The other day, I noticed the RSS feed was getting for one of the bloggers who I regularly follow was generating an error. That happens sometimes, so I didn't think much of it.

After a few days of the same, however I jumped over to her website "gillianic tendencies" and got a "page not found" error. Hmmmm.

So now after quite a while...I have to assume either she didn't pay her hosting bill (not likely) or has dropped of the Web's blogging world for now. She had mentioned previously that she was going to put the blog in hiatus for a while. I suspect that she has taken some time off to regroup and refocus. Some of the last posts seemed to reflect some fatigue.

This event has really caused me to ponder the meaning and attachment I have towards some of the regular bloggers out there. I have really come to rely on them being there; for laughs, for insight, for leads on new things. I hadn't really considered what it would be like to loose one.

I've considered dropping off one of my blogs before. It wasn't a decision I took lightly. I have a private blog I keep for Lavie. Mostly sappy romantic poetry. I almost deleted it once after a commenter went to town using ugly talk. It really took the inspiration and tenderness away from the whole site for me. I seriously toyed with the idea of just deleting the blog entirely and starting a new one. Lavie eventually convinced me otherwise, but I find it much harder to blog there now. Kinda like it got "tainted." I turned off the comments...but it just doesn't quite feel the same.

Most of us blog for ourselves...cheaper than professional therapy. But if we are lucky, we might attract a small following of strangers who become surrogate "friends" in a way. We learn about each other's lives, families, likes and dislikes...humor and bitterness. When someone leaves the group a void appears. all you fellow bloggers out there thanks for sharing. And for those who decide to bow out...thank you for your time and openness.

We need more of that.

See you in the skies.

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