Friday, May 19, 2006

CSI: English Style

So....I just couldn't pass this one up...

Last November, someone stole the Ford Anglia featured in the Harry Potter films.

It didn't have an engine, and was stolen from out in front of the gates of the South West Film Studio where it was kept under a tarp.

Acting on an anonymous tip, it was found and recovered in a parking lot outside Carn Brea Castle, described as bearing a "striking resemblance to the Hogwarts School of Wizardry and Witchcraft." You be the judge of that: Hogwarts vs Carn Brea Castle.

Anyway, quoting from an article published in The Scotsman,
"Forensic experts examining the car said vital clues to who stole it could lie in a length of rope found attached to the back. Gayle Manvell, a crime-scene technician with Devon and Cornwall Police, said the engineless car was probably towed to the castle and whoever dragged it there left a small part of the tow-rope tied to the bumper.

She says the rope could contain fingerprints or DNA."
Really? You really think so?

Where are Catherine and Grissom when you really need them?


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