Sunday, August 14, 2005

New Goggles....

I guess I really should say "new glasses." After 8 years since my last pair, I started to feel some eye-strain so found an eye-doctor on our insurance and got a new Rx. He said it wasn't a very big change at all and just increased the power slightly. Alvis needed a new new Rx also. That was about 2 weeks ago. We got our new glasses in from our local optician last Thursday. Alvis has adjusted quickly to hers. I am still having a little bit of problem. Of course, I've been in bed since Thurday with a massive headache (migrane Rx meds didn't even faze it). Last night my back molar starting hurting on my jaw as well. Lavie says she thinks I have a toothache and that could be causing the headache. Now she says the right side of my face looks a little puffy as well. Great...back to the doctor & dentist. (Come to think of it, I don't think I've seen a dentist in almost 10 years. Hmmm. Kids, don't try that at home.)

Inside the house I don't seem to have much of a problem with the new glasses. I went outside to cut the yard and my vision felt a little off. Of couse, I understand that it might take up to a week to adjust to the new strength. And laying in bed watching tv and trying to ignore my pounding head for the past several days doesn't help. I really need to get outside and make my eyes train/work at distance viewing better (I am near sighted) with the new Rx.

The frames are pretty cool. I think they call them "rimless". My previous ones had a conventional frame on the top and rimless bottoms. They worked out great. I picked the new ones out so that top-frame rim wouldn't bug me as much looking at the computer screens as much. Plus when I tried them on, they melted away and almost disappear. Lavie really can see my eyes now. Kawaii! Only drawback is they are much more delicate. Almost like a lacewing. (So light I don't know they are on and might fall asleep in them.) I also will have to go back and have the optician adjust them (no I haven't sat on them!).

The lenses seem to be slightly "out of plane". The right one sits just a little bit more forward than the left. Maybe that is also causing the problem. We use a local family optican, not the "budet" eyeglass places. And the link is just for illustration, not a recommendation for that online eyeglass dispenser. Oh yeah, I also had them coated with the latest version of that anti-glare stuff. Supposed to help much more with florescent (can you say sysadmin cubicle?) lighting as well as night-driving headlight glare. We will see. These are much easier to keep clean than the first anti-glare coatings I had over 12 years ago. Those were very green when tilted in the light and were horrible to keep from getting streaky. I didn't have my most recent (former) pair coated with that stuff because of it. I think these have Zeiss anti-reflective brand coatings.

I have those old ones still and am tempted to swap back out since my head hurts so much, but figured if I have made it this far, one more day shouldn't be too bad.

Alvis got hers in the photo-sensitive style so hers change to dark outside. That will probably help her with her headaches and light-sensitivity. I got a pair of new sunglassess also--but they are a sport-style with a dark tint. I had them polarized (I love that!) and a light blue mirror reflective coating added as well. Alvis calls them "cop-classes." She thinks my current sunglass style is more "federal-agent" like. Those are still in production so I haven't got them yet. Otherwise I would be comparing the Rx between the two new pairs to see if that is a problem as well.

Next month, Lavie gets her "googles" updated.

Busted! ...Lavie caught me blogging. Back to bed....

Working on seeing you in the skies (clearly!)

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