Saturday, July 09, 2005

It's Raining!

Lavie and I cannot believe is raining! We haven't seen a good downpour here for several months. Yesterday it came down in big heavy drops that went "splat" when they fell. This morning another long soaking thunderstorm rolled by. Alvis wanted to go outside and do a celebration dance in the yard. Not a good idea with the lightning and thunder, but we couldn't blame her.

The picture above is that of Naru and Keitaro from Love Hina. I haven't seen any of the anime versions yet (series and movies) but Lavie is building up her collection of the manga books. It is one of her favorite series.

Lavie and I have been overwhelmed by the senseless suffering our mates in the United Kingdom have been going through. I cannot begin to imagine how horrible it must be to the families who are still waiting news on their loved ones. We both have chosen careers that require us to work in areas that are "high-risk" for attack. But we cannot imagine what it would be like to be going about your daily morning business and then.... Paperghost had some defiant comments about it all in his blog entry. I agree.

Yesterday I was flipping the tele while trying to recover from a pounding headache. I came across coverage of the John Deere Classic golf tourney. Imagine my surprise to see Michelle Wie competing with the men. Now, let me be very clear. I have no issues with any lady competing in the "men's" PGA tournaments. What was shocking to me was that there had been no news coverage at all about it. Last year when Annika Sorenstam made her run, it was on every media outlet there was. Now Michelle Wie (did you know she is just 15 years old?) tries and no mention--what's up with that?. Michelle ended up missing the cut by only 2 strokes, but good for her.

Thunder has stopped....Alvis and I have some puddles that require jumping in.

See you in the Skies!

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