Saturday, July 30, 2005

The Girls of Summer...

Everyone has their own preference when it comes to certain things. Fast-food, architecture, art, movies. Web-browsers are no different. Some people like Miss Blue, Internet Explorer. Others prefer the younger and cute Firefox. Some like Opera. For those that like 'em petite, there is OffbyOne. And, just to prove I support alternative lifestyles, there is a whole slew of options for Linux web-browsers. Whatever your tastes run, just take care of her. Patch her. Get to know her. Look out for her and be aware of her likes and weaknesses. That's all.

Girls like to get new clothes. Lavie and Alvis taught me that. Have you ever thought of getting some new clothes for your web-browser?

Internet Explorer has two very nice "supportive" applications that can enhance its features. I generally avoid tool-bar enhancements like a plague having spent way too much time cleaning up workstations with spyware/malware trickery that got installed along with a tool-bar. However, these two applications are solid performers. Avant Brower and Maxthon. Both build on the IE engine and wrap it in additional features that many users will find useful. Enhanced pop-up blocking, tabed browsing, additional search features. They are worth a try if you date Miss IE exclusively. Word on the street is that Miss IE is going to be coming out with a whole new look soon.

Firefox has a ton of enhacements that it refers to as "extensions." The browser is slim and cute. You can add as many of these as you like--or none at all. Here is a list of the ones I have tested and fly with Firefox (my preferred web-browser).
Lastly--if you are like me and carry a flash-drive memory stick just about everywhere you go, there are some good portable packages (Firefox/Thunderbird/Nvu/OpenOffice) just for you. Check out these Portable Mozilla Versions. John Haller also has some other cool things too.

See you in the skies.

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