Saturday, November 24, 2018

Current Browser Extensions: Vivaldi, Firefox, and Chromium


As best I can tell it was over three years ago that I last posted a roundup of the Add-On extensions I was using.

Firefox as at version 40.0.3 (x32 bits).

Vivaldi was still a “technical preview” release at version and totally amazed me with “tab tiling.”  I cannot image going through a natural disaster or other scale event without using tab-tiling in Vivaldi.

Here I am during the January 2018 Great-Houston-Ice-Crisis monitoring multiple weather and traffic events in Vivaldi using the split-screen tab-tiling feature.


Yes Virginia, that’s five open browser windows on a single page. Four blocked with a fifth on the far right side fully extended top-to-bottom.

And no, I’m not counting my SwiftOnSecurity Twitter-feed window on the far-left because that is not a “browser window” but actually running in a Vivaldi “web-panel” from the side-bar. I can collapse and extend it as needed to check that particular media feed.

If you look closely, this tab (with five web-pages) is just one of four “stacked” tab sets each with their own multiple sets of related browser pages.

Vivaldi lets you do some crazy stuff – all built in without the need for more extensions – to maximize your browsing efficiency.

That’s why the only “product” link badge I run on my Grand Stream Dreams blog is Vivaldi’s; and I do so proudly.

So here is my current web-browser line-up:

Vivaldi - If there is a crisis or massive multi-stream op-center monitoring work to do I go Vivaldi without question. Current (snapshots line) version 2.2.1373.4 (Official Build) (32-bit)

Firefox - If there is blogging or RSS-feed wrangling – I still go to Firefox (due to my custom system integrations with the Omea RSS Reader.  Current version 63.0.3 (64-bit)

Chromium - If there is deep-web exploration work needed – I use a stripped down version of Chromium. Current version 72.0.3620.0 (Developer Build) (64-bit)

And here are my Extensions/Add-ons for each of them:

Vivaldi Extensions

Yep. That’s correct. Just three extensions. Vivaldi (by default) provides all the other heavy-lifting that I need – natively!

Firefox Extensions

Quite a lot more, but mostly because of the needs to support my RSS/blogging process flow (stop laughing! I know there hasn’t been much GSD blogging of late, but, “Reasons!”.

Chrome/Chromium Extensions

More extension use here than with Vivaldi even though Vivaldi is built on Chromium.


--Claus V.

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