Sunday, July 12, 2015

Rapid Browser News Linkpost

Just some miscellaneous news and linkage on web-browsers.



So in the comments of a recent GSD browser news post, El Guru posted an observation that if Mozilla continues their feature bloat direction, it may drive many more Firefox users to the Pale Moon browser project.  I’m lightly familiar with Pale Moon but haven’t used it except for fiddling around. Firefox public\Developer, Vivaldi, and Chromium all take up most of my browser usage attention.

That said, I’m going to start paying much closer attention to the Pale Moon project, particularly if the “Three Pillars” philosophy/strategy doesn’t bear visible fruit.



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--Claus Valca


FF Extension Guru said...

Keep in mind that a lot of the Mozilla news (including the Three Pillars) came about from the annual Mozilla retreat in Whistler, BC. One of the mods on mozillaZine summed all these 'announcements' as "Someone spiked the Kool Aide at Whistler".

Mozilla needs to stop the train, backup and rethink what they are doing with Firefox. There is major stuff that still needs to be done such as Win64 (though that looks like it may actually be a reality now...or it could crash and burn like so many other things, Electrolysis aka E10s aka Multi-Process and how about giving users back the control of their own browser. If Mozilla keeps going the way they are it is not going to end well.

The backlash from Pocket is fine example and just wait until users find out that they need an add-on to change their new tab page or they can't add their favorite extensions when they reinstall Firefox because those extensions are not "signed".

I read somewhere, want to say mozillaZine, that it was after Firefox 4 when things changed and a lot of that was because the original founding developers had left Mozilla. They were the ones that had the mission of a lightweight and customizable browser, not the bloated and restricted mess it is becoming today.

Oddly enough I have yet to try Pale Moon, but I know my father is and he loves it.

FF Extension Guru said...

Interesting about rendering engine change in Pale Moon. More so on the legal ramifications, which make me wonder if Mozilla is hinting that may "crack down" on using the Gecko name unless you are using certain features/elements of Gecko. Which in the case of The Pale Moon Project, those feature/elements may not be desirable. Could I see Mozilla doing like that? Well, ask me a couple years ago and I would said no, but now...I wouldn't put it past them.