Thursday, April 16, 2015

QuickPost: Clearing my Java Installer 1063 Error

Just a quick note.

I was updating one of my Windows 7 systems at home this morning getting on the latest Windows and Flash and Java updates.

All was rolling well. All the Windows updates were on and a reboot finished that matter. The latest Flash Player updates went on OK.

I installed the latest Java 8 update 45 packages; both x32 and x64.

The x64 package went on fast and OK. No errors.

However when I installed the x32 package I got a “Error Code: 1603”.

2015-04-16 10_05_53-Java Setup - Incomplete

The web is full of all kinds of different advice for this fairly common error. However none seemed to clear my particular installation issue. I tried installing the previous version that had been working OK. No go. Same error.

After additional troubleshooting I temporarily disabled my Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit application in the system tray and reattempted the installation.


This time Java 8 update 45 (x32) installed with no issues.

2015-04-16 10_09_56-Java Setup - Complete

I then re-enabled the Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit application’s protection and all was done.


--Claus V.

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