Saturday, May 31, 2014

Firefox 29 notes…better late than not at all

Firefox release version 29 is out and has been for a while.

Firefox release version 30 is coming soon.

I’ve had no issues with the transition to v29, and aside from some GUI differences, I have been able to work just fine.

Here are a series of tips and tricks -- belated -- that might help anyone still looking.

Special hat-tip over towards the Firefox Extension Guru who is always on top of the best trends and tricks with all things Mozilla.

More Firefox Stuff

Download Status Bar :: Add-ons for Firefox - I was running this before v29 and it still works great. I’d be lost without it as I am a power-downloader of all the utilities I use and keep updated.

What is Seer, and how to disable it in Firefox - Firefox Extension Guru's Blog tip to --> What is Seer, and how to disable it in Firefox via gHacks Technology News posting.

It was present but already set to “disabled” (false) on my Firefox build.

Is AdBlock Plus killing the web? Massive memory usage is dragging Firefox down - BetaNews.


--Claus Valca.

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