Sunday, February 16, 2014

Malwarebytes 2.0 (Beta)

Malwarebytes : Malwarebytes Anti-Malware FREE is one of the few anti-malware protections I recommend to family members and friends to put on their systems…just in case.

While I have traditionally gone first with Microsoft Security Essentials for active (free) AV/AM protection (mostly for it’s ease of use and general ubiquity for them), having MAM-Free allows me to have them do an “on-demand” scan of their system periodically when something “hinky” pops up and we want to have a trusted second-opinion that MSE addressed the threat detection. That seems to be a popular combination.

The biggest drawbacks of the free version (IMHO) are that it does not support real-time protection nor allow for heuristic detection. The pro version covers those features and more.

So it was with some excitement that I read about Malwarebytes having a fresh new rebuild of the Anti-Malware product, version 2.0.

It is currently in beta but looks and performs very, very well on my test systems.

Note: A new version beta 2.0 was released Feb 12th.

Check it out and see it if might fit your needs.

For more information:

Other important notes:

The beta is for the “consumer” version of the product, the business version is not yet released.

If you are running MalwareBytes Free/Pro, first uninstall it before installing the beta version.

It is going to operate under a subscription licensing model, $24.95 year.

According to Malwarebytes, if you spring now for a lifetime license now (under the current build level), they will honor that lifetime license for version 2.0 so you won’t have to switch/pay for the yearly subscription price. That’s a super-deal and savings.  Shop around as prices will vary a bit.

There will still be a “free” version of Malwarebytes 2.0 when it goes public.

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--Claus Valca

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