Sunday, May 06, 2012

Oldies But Goodies - Linkfest

Progress is being made on several piles of links I’ve come across but haven’t posted yet. It is actually turning out to be a good thing culling them down like these.

The links below were in a For/Sec/Net folder I was using to hold blog material under that subject until it got too full and too old for me to continue dropping items in there. Some went back to late 2011!

Yesterday I decided to do some Spring cleaning and deal with it.  I dumped a LOT of links that seemed either dated or just not as important now as they seemed to be back then.

What remains below are links that I still wanted to document for research/reference. I did update/supplement some of them with some new material if applications the original links I captured have been updated.

Anyway, here you go if you are interested.

Watching the Networks

Tips, Tricks,and other Material

Scan it & Dump it!

Tools and Utilities

Live ForSec CD’s

  • CAINE Live CD - computer forensics digital forensics - “SuperNova” version 2.5.1 has been out.
  • DEFT 7.1 ready for download - Released April 2nd with more than a few updated packages and fixes.
  • Ubuntu - Now at 12.04 release version. I prefer to use this for my own self-installations of Xplico and Network Miner packages.
  • Ubuntu 12.04 and VirtualBox Image - Xplico team has released a VirtualBox image built on Ubuntu 12.04 which includes their Xplico 1.0.0 version (if you don’t want to build it yourself!).
  • ubuntu [Xplico Wiki] - Now you can use the Xplico Repository or one of several terminal scripts to easily (and I mean REALLY EASILY) get the Xplico NFAT application going! Super sweet.


I first learned about Maltego when I read this fun post Using Maltego CaseFile to map The Spy Hunter at the wirewatcher blog.

Basically this tool lets you organize your intelligence and forensic investigation information in new and graphical manners to better show relationship between elements. Check out the bottom of this page for some screenshots and links to more presentations.

It comes in both a commercial and community edition.

Note: I’m still playing with the version 1.0 beta version and haven’t upgraded yet to the version 3.1.1 community edition.  The version 1.0 so far has been meeting my basic “play and learn” needs, FWIW.


I feel better now.

Next up…new material fresh out of the bakery ovens.


--Claus V.

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