Friday, December 02, 2011

T-Bird Note to Self

Just a note about Mozilla Thunderbird in case I forget.

I use Microsoft Outlook at work as my email client. I have Microsoft Office 2010 at home available to be used as my email client but that seems like overkill for managing my personal email accounts.

For most all my extended family (except Dad who prefers using Outlook both for work and home) I recommend Windows Live Mail 2011 since it has a very clean interface and the Ribbon and tabs and pretty (intuitive) icons seem to make this email-client a breeze for family members to use (and me to guide them through tasks).

All that said I continue to find Mozilla Thunderbird the perfect fit for my personal email needs.

In fact, it works so well, I have only four Add-On items that I run on it now:

Office Black :: Add-ons for Thunderbird - I really have grown to like this theme after having rotated through quite number of great themes over the years. The icons work nicely and are of a pleasant size. And the muted color palate seems relaxing.

Color Folders :: Add-ons for Thunderbird - Unlike the extensive and deep folder structure I have in Outlook at work, my folder structure here at home is much more simple and shallow. That said, I find myself manually moving items out of my Inbox mostly into a few regular folders.  While the text in the Office Black theme and settings isn’t bad, sometimes I have a hard time just dragging/dropping the message into the correct one.  Color Folders allowed me to colorize selected key folders to set them off from the rest.  Now if only Outlook had this ability…

Extra Folder Columns :: Add-ons for Thunderbird - This Add-On allows you to add additional columns to the Folders sidebar for size, unread # items, and total # items.   If you select the unread items column, then it removes the (#) item that Thunderbird puts on the folder name line to avoid redundancy. Suggestions for improvement? I wish that the “size” field displayed would be a little more sophisticated with the count.  Example: you have one main folder with three sub-folders. The columns for counts seem only to apply to the individual folder, meaning that the main-folder # only displays the number of items in the folder itself and doesn’t include sub-folder item counts. Collapse that folder tree and it still shows the number of items in the main folder and doesn’t aggregate the total to reflect all messages in that and the subfolders combined. Another minor quibble; the size-on-disk of each folder displayed uses both MB and KB values. 1MB or more and the size is displayed in MB while < 1MB and you get a KB value. I get the logic but you have to look carefully to understand what it is reporting to you.

Lightning :: Add-ons for Thunderbird - calendaring, scheduling, and to-doing made simple and right. Enough said.

For backing up/migrating my T-bird profile I rely on MozBackup. It’s never failed me. 

As a multi email client backup/restoration tool there is also KLS Mail Backup (free for personal use) which in addition to T-bird can also back up WIndows Mail and Windows Contacts, Windows Live Mail and Contacts, Outlook Express profiles and contacts, IE Favorites, Firefox profiles, Postbox profiles, Opera profiles, The Bat! profiles and IncrediMail profiles.

Moving on…

Claus V.

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FF Extension Guru said...

Lightning with partnered with the Provider for Google Calendar add-on will lets you bring your Google Calendars into Thunderbird. Yes, calendars. I have a personal one attached to my personal gmail as well as my school uses gmail and I have a school calender. And it is not just read-only, you can edit, add, delete events right in Thunderbird. I have more on my Thunderbird blog (Email Mafia): Integrating Lightning & Google Calendar.