Thursday, November 10, 2011

WinPE Building and PGP Support Links Updated

It’s been a long time since the series of posts I did on WinPE building, specifically with PGP support built in.

The WinPE/PGP supported builds I’ve done still are humming along and a favorite resource for our technicians when they need to off-line boot a PGP encrypted system to recover data from the (corrupted system) drive before a reimage.

Recently PGP Desktop 10.x client began rolling out and I needed to work on a fresh WinPE/PGP build to support it.

Only when I started looking for the PGPpe zip files used to build them, all my bookmarks were dead. Seems PGP got snapped up by Symantec and killed a lot of great linkages in the KB migration process.

Took me a while to hunt them down, but here are working links to all the files and PDF guides you need to help you with your WinPE/PGP building work for both PGP Desktop 9.x and 10.x.

I also noted this post Trying to create a BartPE WDE CD | Symantec Connect Community where a user is experiencing failure using the files to build a 10.2 PGP supported WinPE disk. Feedback at the time (pretty recent) was that PGP has some SDK issues in the WinPE environment and it doesn’t work too well.  Fix was pending.

I don’t (yet) need to support 10.2 PGP Desktop client version so hopefully the 10.1.x one I’m soon to build for won’t have any issues. I’ll let you know.

If WinPE/PGP building isn’t your thing, then you can also just download/burn the correct PGP “bootg.iso” file for your PGP Desktop client version.  Burn the ISO and then boot/decrypt away…providing you have a good passphrase to use.


--Claus V.

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