Saturday, July 16, 2011

IT Saturation Point

So the other night I had gotten off late from work and being quite tired and looking forward to unwinding in front of some DVR’ed PBS material, took Alvis on an only-because-it-was-convenient-and-we-were-exhausted McD’s carryout run.

Back a the house after probably consuming enough calories and sodium to take care of a Roman legion, I was ridding the kitchen of the evidence, and a super-sytro cup was next to the sink.

“Hey Alvis, you done with this drink?”

Alvis, hovering nearby as my late-night/early-morning project schedule had kept me from seeing her for the past two days all the while working her mobile phone continuing a SMS discussion with one of her BFF’s responded (very airily).

“No, you can delete it.”

I looked at Alvis with bemusement and she looked shocked at what she had said.

“OK…so you want me to move it to the recycle bin or wipe it?”

We both grinned.

Yep…IT saturated indeed.

--Claus V.

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Dave said...


Be sure and tell her you don't do data recovery services for those types of deletes.