Saturday, March 05, 2011

New and Improved Material

Just a pause to empty out the handy-dandy “to-be-blogged” folder.

Windows Tips and Tricks

Firefox Bits

I’ve been running the Nightly x64 builds of Firefox 4.0b13pre for some time now and it has been very stable.  The fact that there is a developer release version of FlashPlayer for x64 bits helps a lot in the usability factor.  Right now I am still split between using Chromium nightlies for “fun” surfing and Firefox 4.x for my daily web-work commuting.

One of the major challenges with both platforms is finding compatible extensions/add-ons for the new versions.  I’ve had to walk away from some old favorites as they just don’t work at all in the new Firefox 4 world.

That said, I’ve been successful enough to keep productivity and security intact and will post updated extension/add-on lists for both browsers in the near future.

New Utilities

Piriform is one of a handful of software providers who I want “one-of-everything” when I visit.  Counted up there with Sysinternals and NirSoft as my go-to source for awesome software.  They haven’t been resting and have been hard at work on updates to what should be Windows-required utilities for all sysadmins.

Tip: In case you haven’t figured it out yet, once you go to the product download page, just scroll to the very bottom of the page at the Builds header and find the tiny “builds page” link to find the jump to the portable (zip) versions.


Claus V.


The Guru said...

I too have been using Firefox 4 Beta (2-bit) for a while now and too have found it a lot more stable than the Firefox 3.6 builds. Did just download and install the Nightly 64-Bit version along with the Adobe Flash Player Square. We shall see how this goes. Thanks for the info on this.

Dave Nelson said...

Just wanted to say thank you for posts like this. Love consolidated info on updated tools etc.