Sunday, October 18, 2009

Final Push Linkfest

Just a few more links to wrap up a delightful weekend.

  • Native boot from VHD on a Windows XP computer – Mark Wilson’s blog – Mark has brilliantly worked out a solution to native booting that I haven’t seen yet.  Windows 7 allows you to Boot to VHD with just a modicum of effort and run your VHD system on the physical hardware layer rather than a virtualized one.  Then some clever folks figured out how you can Dual Boot Windows 7 on Vista via VHD file by swapping Vista’s boot manager file version with the one from Windows 7 which does support VHD booting.  I’ve been running Windows 7 RC x64 on both my and Lavie’s personal laptops for some time this way all the while preserving our existing Vista installs until Windows 7 final comes out.  I had hoped to do the same thing in keeping a native XP system in place and then boot Windows 7 from a VHD but XP didn’t seem able to be VHD booted under W7.  Mark’s solution doesn’t change my issue (Windows 7 as the base install and XP in the VHD being booted).  Instead he just simply reverses the equation.  Keep XP as the base install, do some freaky (but clever) boot chain-loading configuring.  This gets around both issues.  First the Windows 7 bootloader is forced upon the native XP system.  Then the Windows 7 VHD system is attached and set to be a native booting option. Finally the legacy (XP) boot settings are chained to the boot loader configuration.  Like I said, very clever and this solution method actually works.

  • F-SECURE Releases New Rescue CD – CyberSec blog. According to the release notes, it is based on Knoppix and contains a minimal set of tools to off-line scan a system against malware/viruses. It also now contains a few tools to recover deleted files and messed up partitions and check the S.M.A.R.T data of the local hard-drive. DAT files can be accessed/updated using a prepped USB stick.  More Info from the F-Secure blog: What is F-Secure Rescue CD? and Rescue CD 3.11

  • EraserDrop Portable - I love Heidi Eraser for secure file erasing and zero-ing out freespace on a drive. as well as the Eraser Portable version.  However it isn’t always the most convenient tool to use as you have to drag files into a schedule task, then run the task.  EraserDrop takes the nuissance out of it by displaying an icon on the desktop to which you just drag-drop-n-secure-erase your files on the fly.

  • Sysinternals Site Discussion : Updates: Autoruns v9.56. “Autoruns v9.56: This update enables Autoruns to view registry entries that have permissions only allowing the System account access and fixes a bug that caused some rundll32-hosted entries to not display correctly.”

  • Internet Evidence Finder – Updated – JADsoftware.  “Version 2.0.5 updates: Fixed bug where physical locations of located artifacts beyond 4GB were sometimes incorrect. IEF is also now compatible with Mount Image Pro! Tested/verified with version 3.26.522.” 

  • Patch Registration Cleanup Tool – Microsoft Download Center. “Brief Description: On a computer that has a Windows Installer based product installed, you may receive an error while installing an update for the product and the installation of the update may fail.”  See KB976220 for more information.

  • Microsoft SharedView – Version 1.0 Release – Spotted via Mark Wilson’s blog post SharedView: Free desktop sharing across the ‘net.  Take a look at the extensive release notes for a roundup of the bug-fixes and compatibility enhancements.  As Mark kindly noted, I’ve posted about it on GSD (Microsoft SharedView: OMG this is Free?!!!) and while it is no replacement for a dedicated remote control client solution (Remote Desktop or ShowMyPC), for collaboration efforts with several participants across networks, it works great.

  • Deploying Windows® 7 Essential Guidance from the Windows 7 Resource Kit and TechNet Magazine – Microsoft Download Center. Stop right now and go download this resource PDF file.  Regardless on your feelings on Windows 7, it contains a smorgasbord of valuable information, all rounded up into a single volume!  For example, Chapter 6: Developing Disk Images, Chapter 7: Migrating User State Data, Chapter 9: Preparing Windows PE.  There’s a lot more in the other chapters as well, but if you know the terms Win PE, ImageX, or WIM you really should download and print out this resource collection.

“…creates a virtual envelope for Windows XP N, the version Microsoft created without Media Player 9 pre-installed, to appease the European Commission. But there's a very good reason Windows 7 users may want the (N) version over regular Windows XP Mode: There's no really good reason for most users to be virtualizing Media Player 9 anyway, since XP Mode's real purpose in Windows 7 is for running older Windows apps whose developers didn't make the transition to Vista. If you want to watch a movie, you've got Media Player 11 in Win7.”

Now you know!

--Claus V.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for info on F-secure rescue disk,great info. Cool blog.

Julian said...

A little late but I read a guest review you did on the Hi-Neck Undershirts....Which store (Wal-Mart) where you able to find them at? I have been driving all over town, so you are my last ray of hope!

Claus said...

@ Julian - Glad you liked the review.

I had tried to find just about ANY similar styled t-shirt in local stores but the closest I could come was the UnderArmor style which at anywhere from $15-25 a pop was to expensive for my tastes.

I ended up ordering them on-line directly from Jockey.

Jockey Mock Neck (Hi-neck) T Shirts

The delivery came fast and all was in order for both the black and white ones I selected. I've not been mass marketed by Jockey though they do send me their snail-mail catalog every few months.

Since that time they have continued to hold up very well. Only light "piling" on the collar and that mostly is from wearing them with a two-day weekend beard. Shrinkage continues to be minimal though I wash them in warm/cold cycle and dry on "medium" in the dryer.

They are wonderfully comfortable, particularly on cool fall days and being a short-sleeve guy, they continue to generate compliments when spotted under a Polo or even a button-down. Though I don't recommend wearing the white high-neck under a black crew neck sport-t or black polo, folks might think you are a cool member of the clergy ;-)


Claus V.