Saturday, June 20, 2009

More Olympus E-P1 teases

Amazon is taking pre-orders on the Olympus E-P1 kits.

Full reviews are still sparse.  From what I can gather some pre-release units went out to select reviewers.  Some release units also got out there, but from the “…wait for a full review…” comments in the articles…it seems like there are some agreements to not release too much info quite yet.

A Olympus E-P1 release event occurred in Germany so most of the links with “real-shots” were taken from Berlin.

Here is the latest batch of “best-of” write-ups and teases I’ve found.

Lavie is impressed with it as well.  I’m still waiting for the “real” reviews to pick it apart, but I’ve been smitten with what I have seen and think it would be the perfect level/format of digital camera for the style of photos I’m looking to capture.  As well as being more inconspicuous for candid street-shooting compositions.


Olympus E-P1 Videos – PhotographyBLOG – Not only does the camera provide 12.3 megapixel stills, it also provides true HD-level video.  This collection is amazing!  Granted the art-mode filters cause slowdown in capture, but they still are quite neat.  The normal mode color is spectacular, smooth and highly detailed.  Can’t image what they would look like on our HD TV.

E-p1 autopsy pictures - Olympus and Panasonic rumors – Great site and neat cut-through view of the camera body/lens.  Amazing work packing all that tech into the small package. Wow.

First Olympus E-P1 unboxing video! - Olympus and Panasonic rumors – Why not?

The Online Photographer: The E-P1: Not Exactly What You Want? – The Online Photographer – The title is misleading.  The reviewer actually really likes his time with the E-P1.

Olympus interview: Future ‘Pen’ cameras planned (update 16 June 5pm) news - Amateur Photographer – News that Olympus may release higher/lower end versions depending on how this first model does.  Higher may include a built-in viewfinder.  Interesting….

Olympus E-P1 test photos – Let’s Go Digital – Bit more news and photo samples.

Google Translate – Review with LOTS of hardware photos of the device.  Translated version but still quite good. Written by O. Takeshi.

--Claus V.

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