Monday, May 04, 2009

Visually Inspired…

Lavie is scheduled for another round of outpatient procedures today so I’ve taken the day off to play supportive husband.

Expect intermittent blog posting today.

Offered in this post are a number of items that are inspiring visually.

First up, high-res desktop wallpaper guru Mando Gomez has presented a number of dual-monitor flag-themes over the years.  These three have particularly inspired me and rotate on my desktops:


mandolux desktops – Texas/v2


mandolux desktops ad – Hope


YARRRR! on Mandolux Flickr Photostream

(in case it wasn’t clear…attribution to all images is due Mando Gomez)

I wasn’t sure about the last one with all this Somali pirate shenanigans going on.  True piracy isn’t nearly as glamorous or entertaining as watching Johnny Depp carouse around.  However, given that at least some folks in the Navy look to have a handle on individual situations, and it is just plain hard to find a good Jolly-Roger desktop image, I figured I’d pass it on.

Crazy Dinosaur Comics artist Ryan North has this geek-inspired t-shirt: TopatoCo: Time Traveler Essentials Shirt 

It contains a summary of major scientific information that could be handy just in case you are swept unexpectedly through a time-space wormhole and pop up in say, the Middle-Ages.


There is also a poster available as well.

Graham Rawle has a collection of fun visual wordplay known as Lost Consonants.  Here’s the formula: take sentence and remove a single consonant from one key word, turning it into another.  Then add an image that goes with the repurposed sentence and see what you have got.  Kids and (most) adults pick it up pretty quickly and it is pretty clever.

Engineering Windows 7 : A Little Bit of Personality and TechBlog: Windows 7’s weird and wonderful wallpapers explained.

Both posts take some time to highlight the amazing (really is this Microsoft coming up with these?) choices in wallpapering options under Windows 7.

Many are quite “trippy” and I have to confess I’m liking the change from the traditional wallpapers offered by Microsoft.

Vista’s standard default wallpaper collections were a large move forward, but these Windows 7 options are amazing; not just for the diverse artwork in itself, but also for the deviation from the button-down collar attitude.



--Claus V.

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