Sunday, October 28, 2007

Freeware Software Finds Linkfest

Here is a collection of fine software I've wanted to highlight this month.

I've been running out of time, so feel free to browse the racks at your leisure (just not while in a leisure suit).

Nothing is tagged with electronic or ink-blister inventory-control devices.  So if you see anything you want, don't rush out the door.

Best Find-O-October Department:

Dial-a-fix - "Damn I wish I knew of this sooner."  This clever little utility is a collection of scripted fixes for common and frustrating Windows system issues.  It may be able to repair Windows Update errors and Automatic Update problems, MSI issues, SSL, HTTPS, and cryptography service issues, COM/ActiveX issues, missing registry entries, and quite a few more problems as well.

Graphical Goodies:

Poster Forge - Freeware utility to create your own posters (motivational, inspirational, demotivational, film/movie, old-West, and more).  I can see hundred's of uses for this around work.

3D Box Shot Maker - Want to make a virtual store-shelf product box image? This is your tool.  Take a graphic image and it can be edited, morphed, and cleaned up to a great 3d-style box image.  Really cool and neat. Includes shadows and reflection effects.

Rumshot - Create framed screenshot captures in a variety of frames.  Nice and easy to use program.

Updated Fall Classics:

KeePass Password Safe v1.09  - This perennial password manager favorite o-mine has now been updated.  I really like what it delivers. There is also an alpha-version release 2.03 out for the brave.

Process Explorer v11.03 - Microsoft's Sysinternals tool has been tweaked yet again for improved performance and loads of Vista support fine-tuning.

The PC Decrapifier v1.8.6  -  This handy-dandy tool removes a number of programs commonly installed on many "out-of-the-box" new computer systems.  If you like a plain-system, this tool can save you loads of time instead of manually uninstalling each of the elements one-by-one yourself.

DupKiller v0.8.2 - While I don't normally worry too much about having duplicate files on my 500 GB hard drive, having the ability to quickly and rapidly locate any duplicates is a great thing. DupKiller is one of the fastest utilities I have ever found just for this purpose.

OrphansRemover v1.8.9 - OK. It hasn't been updated since Feb 2006, but it is still a dead-handy tool for scanning your system for "orphaned" shortcut files. I just couldn't leave it out.

AM-DeadLink v3.1 - Well, it was updated to me.  This version supports Windows Vista.  AM-DeadLink quickly scans your bookmarks in Opera, IE, Firefox, and Mozilla/Netscape browsers and looks for invalid links.  You can also use it to download "FavIcons" for Opera, IE, and Firefox.  If you have dead-links, you can remove them and resave your updated bookmark file.  Lots of options and default setting adjustments.  It ripped through my Firefox collection of over 800 bookmark entries in just over a minute's time.

For the Impulsive:

Microsoft Works Converter - Via Lifehacker, this Microsoft utility allows you to open, edit and save those documents you made in Microsoft Works into Office 2003 or Office 2007. This newer version now supports Microsoft Works version 6, 7, 8, and 9 file formats.

Resizeable Form Fields :: Firefox Add-ons - Are you like me and hate being forced to accept web-form-fields that are just too small to be comfortable?  This is Firefox add-on for us!  Allows you to resize (most) form-field boxes to your tastes.

The Man in Blue > FormTextResizer - Don't want to go with a "add-on"?  OK.  Try this bookmarklet version instead.

Come back soon.


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