Saturday, November 04, 2006

Election Movies....

As we grind slowly closer to Election Day here Stateside, I've been thinking about the electoral process.

Alvis's Disney/Nick channels have been running a steady stream of election-focused items.

Lavie and I have been discussing our local and state issues and who we may be voting for this year...

A few nights ago, I dropped in, mid-show on PBS's airing "By the People: Democracy in the Wild" which provided a fascinating view of just how an election is run--from the officials point of view. It gave me new respect for poll-workers and the county election clerk's duties. Wish I could have seen the whole thing.

So here are some other (more or less) Election themed movies (in no particular order)...feel free to add your own suggestions:

Wag the Dog,


The American President,

All the President's Men,

Napoleon Dynamite,


The Candidate,

Primary Colors,


Bob Roberts,

Anytown, USA,

Welcome to Mooseport,

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, and

You're Not Elected, Charlie Brown.

Go vote!


1 comment:

Jim said...

My favorite in this theme: Being There. Not a deeply political movie, but it does offer clues as to how a guy like George W can get elected.