Friday, December 30, 2005

i give up tonight..

I'm giving up tonight.

I noticed today that this blog had some formatting issues. I never noticed them since I always use Firefox.

Problem Numero Uno: Apparently, Microsoft IE6 has some settings that blocked some of the images in the Grand Stream Dream Blog's sidebar from loading. Firefox loaded them fine. Geesh--what's wrong with Banime and LongRangeBullet and Flickr? So to work around this, I went to an old post, re-editing it by uploading the IE offending images to blogger. Done. Now you IE folks should see the images in the sidebar just fine. I even expanded the "Claus" photo a little wider. Nice!

Problem Numero Dos: Apparently, Microsoft IE6 treats some Blogger template code wierd. I have come to learn that this is called something like the Blogger Sidebar Loading Issue. The issue is in the IE6 web-browser, but not in Firefox and Opera where the Blogger templates load the "sidebar" properly on the--well--side. However, IE6 seems to not like to handle the default code and tends to dump it at the very bottom of the page. So you IE folk who visit here may have been missing all my Friends, Links, Japan Links, etc since you probably don't go to the bottom of the blog page. Sorry 'bout that. Unfortunately, I'm not yet a L33t web coder. So I'm trying to fix it by trial and error. Nothing yet. In the meantime--if you visit this site in Internet Explorer 6, just browse to the bottom of the page and click the little "Get Firefox" button and install/use Firefox instead. You'll be glad you did, and it will same me some coding work.

You will notice I have changed the sidebar font/sizes. I also have been adding a post title. The thought was that the sidebar text was too long, causing IE to misrender it. Nope. But I kinda like the effect now anyway, so I'm leaving it be.

I'll try to fix the IE sidebar problem later.

Oh yeah! I got a 4-port router (wired) the other day and got it set up. Now I can hook Alvis's Linux box up tomorrow (hopefully) and get hers on the net as well. Oooohh. Home networking. Sweet! Took a bit of work, I had to run an ipconfig /all command and copy the values, then set the router with Static IP values since it didn't pick them up with the Dynamic IP option. That was a 10 minute detour, but turned out ok.

I was a little scammed with it (the router). The box clearly proclaimed that the router came with "firewall capabilities". Neat! Well, that turned out to be a 30-day free trial of ZoneAlarm Pro. Not cool as I already have a software firewall. So, word to the wise, look to ensure your router says that it has an embedded firmware firewall--not software...I already got that covered!

I'm beat.

See you in the skies,


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Rorschach said...

Hell Claus, I got a spare 4 port wired router with a stateless firewall I'll give ya. e-mail me if you are interested.