Saturday, October 08, 2005

From Parrot Icons to Space: 1999

So I'm tripping the rift and in my wanderings check in over at my occasional desktop haunt of Pixelgirl. They mention icon design contest winners, so I take a peek at the offerings. In the submissions (mostly for Mac) is a set of cute Parrot Icons.

That reminds me that I haven't dropped in at the gang at The Iconfactory for a while. While looking in their icon showroom, I see a new set from the TV series Space: 1999.

I was much younger when Space: 1999 aired on TV. Kind of a post- Star Trek thing. It had really cool minature-model work for the special effects. One episode (Dragon's Domain--I think) had some kind of alien life-form living that would grab the poor human victims, eat them, then spit out their bones as a skeleton all folded up into a carry-on-luggage sized package. To an impressionable young kid, these were images of the way-disturbing kind. Cool! And that whole Eagle Transporter ship they flew around in. Neato!

Some sites are up (in various degrees of maintenance) for this series:
See you in the skies.

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