Monday, September 19, 2005

Watching the Grand Stream dip down....Meeting Hurricane Rita

Yesterday's post doesn't seem too important today.

Last night, forcasts were placing Hurricane Rita on track for landfall down near Brownsville, Texas. This morning the center of the "forecast cone" is tracking just west of Galveston Island, Texas.

Hmmm. All the while at work, we are still working on IT issues for extending technology support at our local Katrina relief consolidated headquarters for the displaced Louisiana folks. Ironic. I'm very proud of the incredible job we are doing at work--unpublicized. Hope we aren't doing it for ourselves next week.

Tonight, Lavie and I will be discussing evacutation plans. We have a place to go up in Liberty County. So wind damage aside, we should be ok. Lavie's Grandmothers down here are paired with extended family members so they will be cared for. Now, how do you decide what to take with you? I guess it is limited to what we can safely fit into two cars. If we have time, will let you know what we settle on.

Hurricane links we are watching...just in case you need them also.

Will keep you posted--daily if possible.

Bonus info

--Dad's father-in-law had been using MS Works. He had some "databases" he created for mail-merge like mailing labels. Only problem was on his new system no more MS Works. Only MS Office. What to do? How does one open .wks and .wdb files without using MS Works? I quickly found a link for a macro that opens up those pesky files and converts them into Excel tables. Neat. 5 min. later, all databases were recovered and Dad gets to be a hero. Sweet.

Got to go. FullMetal Alchemist "season 2" (well, not exactly but close enough) is cueing up on the VCR.

See you soon in clear skies (we pray),

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